Learn first-aid for your baby or child

Looking after your baby, toddler or child is a big responsibility at the best of times! But when they’re sick or hurting, your responsibility is even greater. Would you know what to do in an emergency?

You can trust WaterBumps (a sister-company to Water Babies) to offer the very latest guidance on how to offer first-aid to your baby or toddler in the most common emergencies, all as part of an enjoyable and memorable first-aid course. It could be a life-saver.

What you’ll learn

Our fully accredited paediatric first-aid tutors will teach you how to perform CPR and handle a series of injuries and medical emergencies, from resuscitating an unconscious baby or child to dealing with burns & scalds, bleeding, choking, asthma, meningitis and fevers & convulsions.

The class style

In true WaterBumps style, we’ve made our first-aid course fun and enjoyable — because even though this is a very serious subject, it’s vital that you remember what you’ve learned. You’ll find the class interesting and easy to understand, and you’ll participate instead of just being ‘talked at’!

How long is the course?

We know you don’t have a lot of spare time, so our baby and child first-aid course delivers the maximum information in the most efficient way. The class lasts about 3. 5 hours, and includes refreshments.

Who is the class for?

This course is for anyone who looks after your baby, toddler or child — so that’s not just mum and dad but also grandparents and other family members (including big brothers and sisters), nannies and childminders.