Our partners

We have the highest professional standards for everything we do, including our teachers, our pools, and our approach to health & safety. So that means you can relax, because you’re in good hands!

All of our standards have their foundation in the latest medical and holistic expertise, and we remain closely linked to the leading experts in these fields.

Water Babies

We wouldn’t be who we are without our sister-company, Water Babies — the biggest baby-swimming school in the UK, teaching babies to swim since 2002! Together, we create a seamless, wraparound approach to making the most of the water, from bump to birth and beyond.

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Tommy’s is a leading charity which funds research into pregnancy problems and provides information to parents, and our sister-company Water Babies is already a long-standing fundraiser for Tommy’s. Ever since WaterBumps was just a twinkle in our eye, we’ve been working with Tommy’s to deepen our understanding of the issues around birth and to develop our programme materials.

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The Pelvic Partnership

The Pelvic Partnership is a group of women volunteers who have experienced symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), now known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP). Their charity offers excellent guidance on this condition and how to cope with it throughout pregnancy and beyond.

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