You’re in the right place

You’re in the right place

We offer the space, time and techniques pregnant women and mums need to relax and prepare for the next stage of pregnancy and childbirth, or for the next stage in parenting.

Our classes take place in shallow pools with comfortable temperatures, so you don’t need to be a swimmer. The water supports and provides relief for tired bodies, which start to feel very heavy in later stages of pregnancy. And we don’t pile on the pressure: we’re all about gentle exercise and strengthening, not strict fitness regimes or diet. Find out some more great reasons why WaterBumps is for you:

It’s exercise AND it’s relaxation

What we do involves exercise — but it’s gentle, and it also lets you feel totally relaxed and chilled out. It involves water — but you don’t need to be able to swim. It involves time just for you — but it also builds a community of women going through similar experiences. And while we’re serious about what we do, we also enjoy lots of fun and laughter. What we ARE about is strengthening every aspect of you, and helping you to prepare for whatever may come next.

What you’ll learn

We offer 2 sets of classes, for before and after the birth. The skills and techniques you’ll learn will help you at home, when you’re out and about, when swimming at other times, and throughout your labour, birth and post-natal experiences.

In the classes, we’ll demonstrate how to do the techniques comfortably, and we’ll never push you into doing something that doesn’t feel right for you. We’ll explain what all these skills are for and how to practice some of them at home, as well as how to use them effectively before, during and after the birth.

Adapting classes for individuals

We’re totally focused on a woman’s whole well-being. So if you’re pregnant, we work with you and your bump: after all, what’s best for mother is best for baby, and vice versa. We’ll also adapt your exercises according to your current condition — your stage of pregnancy, or how long since you gave birth, any medical conditions or worries, or today’s aches and pains. The skills we teach build on one another, so they’re gentle and are paced to suit you, personally. This means we can include women at all different stages within a single class.

No one’s more qualified

All of our teachers undergo thorough training: first, they train as water-fitness instructors, and then they take a niche qualification in aquatic practices for ante- and post-natal women. We’ve helped to develop the first national Level-3 qualification for swimming teachers in adapting exercise for before and after birth. We’ve done this in partnership with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), the national governing body for swimming, and the founder of Birthlight, Francoise Freedman.

We welcome women at every stage

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first or fourth baby; whether you’re due to give birth or last gave birth years ago; whether you want to regain some core strength or just need some time out to be yourself. There will usually be other women in your class who are in the same situation.

We use great pools

Our unique Pool Doctor service maintains a consistent water quality and helps to ensure that the pools we use are safe and efficiently maintained. This, in turn, means that classes are less likely to be cancelled at short notice.