Aquanatal classes

Our antenatal classes

Our aquanatal classes will help you cope better with the many demands of pregnancy, while at the same time preparing you for the birth. And gentle exercise in water really will help you to take the weight off your feet!


WaterBumps’ water-based antenatal classes are like putting yoga and pilates in water, and there’s a great mix of strengthening and stretching exercises – all alongside a splash of blissful relaxation.

We call it ‘wraparound care’ because it’s like a big hug for every bit of you: physical, mental and emotional.

Your WaterBumps journey (antenatal)

Weeks 12-16

During this early stage of pregnancy we’ll help you to strengthen your legs, hips and back, which will limit the aches and pains you’ll experience in the later stages, all while relaxing in some special ‘me time’ just for you!

Weeks 17-24

With your baby going through a rapid growth spurt, we’ll work on increasing your lung capacity to give them more space to move (it will also help you in labour, too), as well as strengthening your pelvic floor. And all the while, you’ll be enjoying some precious bonding time with your growing bump!

Weeks 25-32

As well as working on those pesky aches and pains, we’ll help you cope with the increasing movements of your growing baby by gently stretching out your body to make more room for them. All alongside some blissful rest and relaxation!

And now that your baby is dancing around and enjoying your class as much as you do, this is the perfect time to get your partner involved through our popular birth partner classes.

Weeks 33-42

With just a few more weeks to prepare for your baby’s arrival, we’ll work with you on breathing techniques and exercises for labour and birth, as well as help you to open up your pelvis and start to encourage your baby to get into the correct position.

Award-winning WaterBumps aquanatal classes run across Bristol (central Bristol, Redhill, Wraxall & Henbury) & Bath; Scotland Central (Larbert, Stirling, Auchterarder & Bridge of Earn); Hampshire (Winchester, Southampton & Fareham); Gloucestershire & North Wiltshire (Swindon); Brighton & Mid Sussex (Hove); and Cornwall (Plymouth). Click here to find your nearest class, then get in touch with us to find out more or book classes. We can’t wait to see you (and your bump) in the pool soon!